Italian Language, Art, Culture and Community-Based Learning in Orvieto and Florence


Italian Language, Art, Culture and Community-Based Learning in Orvieto and Florence

Summer 2022 | Orvieto and Florence, Italy

  • Program Fee: $5,900 ((Includes 8-credit tuition,  accommodations, some meals, local transportation, cultural activities and excursions.)



Live, learn and share community, Italian style. Visit Orvieto, a centuries-old, cliffside city, and Florence, the cradle of the Renaissance. Sharpen your Italian language skills in structured courses and cultural immersions, from outdoor festivals to artisans’ workshops. Stay with a host family in the authentic (read, not touristy) Umbria region, contributing to community life via service projects.


Intersections of Culture and Community

How do people create a shared community? Does a shared language deepen a sense of belonging? How can we know Italian culture through food, artisanal products and fine and performing arts? What is the significance of “Made in Italy” certification in terms of quality, style and prestige?


Establish World-Citizen Credentials

Take classes at the renowned Study Programs in Italy, earning a certificate of achievement. Explore Italian culture, visiting museums and cathedrals, vineyards and orchards, a chocolate factory and a ceramics studio. Decorate tiles or cook with local chefs. Pitch in on a community project— collaborating with local artisans, restoring a landmark wall—that benefits the people of Orvieto.


Fluency in foreign languages and cross-cultural relationships are assets in any career. This community- based, interdisciplinary program helps students to attain a greater capacity for reconciling differences across cultural frameworks. It is particularly relevant to careers and graduate study across the arts, humanities, social sciences and international spheres.