Literary Island: Writing Workshops in Greece


Literary Island: Writing Workshops in Greece

Summer 2023 | Crete, Greece

  • Program Fee: TBD (Includes 4-credit tuition, accommodations, some meals, local transportation, cultural activities and excursions.)

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Immerse in life on a picturesque island in Greece, cradle of Western civilization. Tour ruins of the Palace of Knossos, Europe’s oldest city. Swim in the Cretan Sea. Consume impossibly fresh food. Dance to live Greek music under the stars. Take day trips to local villages and an archaeological museum. Revive the ancient tradition of sharing stories in a stone amphitheater.


Read. Write. Reflect.

Participate in Writing Workshops in Greece, a world-renowned academic program, via a creative writing workshop with an accomplished author. Trade work with peers. Read classic and contemporary literature. Maintain a travel journal. Attend evening readings in an olive grove.


Language. Literature. History.

How does classical Greek mythology echo in contemporary life and literature? What can we learn from an ancient alphabet? A language and culture class with a Greek writer/scholar will enrich your time on Crete, as will cooking demonstrations for which you’ll harvest local ingredients. Each experience will inform and inspire your creative work.


Seize an opportunity to satisfy a Launch immersive experience, networking with writers from around the globe while practicing your craft and broadening your perspectives. Insights into the publishing industry and the writing process make this program relevant to any career that relies on the written word.