Global Studies


Global Studies

Journey to a new place—beyond the campus gate and outside your comfort zone. Go on a TREC with Drew.

Travel across the Hudson or around the world.
Rethink assumptions from a new vantage point.
Explore your chosen field—or an entirely different one—in a new context.
Connect with other industries and cultures, and to where you want to go from here.


At Drew, we believe that the experience of studying off-campus is an important component of a liberal arts education. It's intended to be an integral part of progress towards your degree—a for-credit learning experience that supports your academic and career goals and objectives.

From shortTRECs during breaks to longTRECs at campuses around the globe—Drew offers 60+ opportunities to be exposed to different ways of thinking, develop your awareness of critical issues and ideas, and gain a better understanding of yourself in relation to the world in which you live.


Spend summer, winter, or spring break (from X days to X weeks) on an international course, designed and led by Drew faculty, where language and research skills meet real-world experience. Build world-citizen credentials while you engineer robots in South Korea, work in a marine life field station in Belize, analyze markets in Switzerland, develop language and cultural skills, and more!

City Semesters: London & New York

Our multiple city semester programs immerse you and your classmates in the daily rhythms of major world centers and connect you with leaders, experts, and influencers in your chosen field.


For a semester- or year-long experience during junior or senior year, our longTREC programs deeply immerse you in a different world, with opportunities in 40+ countries.

We're with you.

Once you're enrolled at Drew and ready to explore off-campus programs, your Global Education advisor can help you to determine what type of program will best suit your needs, guide you in your research of programs, apprise you of policies and other requirements, aid you in completing application forms, and answer any questions. We can even provide you with the names of students who have participated in your program of interest, to learn about their experiences.