International Travel Advisory.


International Travel Advisory

What is Travel Advisory?

The Travel Advisory program is an information and vaccination service that is available to Drew University students who are planning to travel internationally. The program is designed to assist student travelers who are participating in either Drew sponsored programs, or independent travel. The purpose of this program is to advise students about safe and healthy travel, and help them plan for and receive the appropriate vaccinations.

Persons who participate in the Travel Advisory program receive a private 30 minute consultation where a customized travel and vaccination plan is developed. All recommendations are done with the traveler’s own health history and previous travel experiences in mind. Students fill out a travel questionnaire that will help identify any personal health risks. Recommendations and/or modifications are made in accordance with the personal health history and the CDC recommendations.

When vaccinations are recommended for a particular country, current CDC guidelines are used to determine whether the vaccine is required, highly recommended or optional. Travelers also receive information and advice about food and water precautions, travel tips, parasitic precautions, and malaria prevention. Most travel vaccines can be obtained on-campus at the Health Service at a discount. The Health Service is also licensed to give the Yellow Fever vaccine.

International Travel FAQ