International House.


International House

About i-House in Asbury Hall

i-House is a Living-Learning Community that brings together domestic and international first-year and returning students to live together in an environment, where peer mentorship and long-lasting friendships are formed, global cultures are shared.

The mission of i-House is to cultivate intercultural respect and a sense of belonging among international and domestic students at Drew, to collectively build a more globally-aware Drew campus community.

Currently, we have already filled up our upper-class spots in i-House and are only open for 1st-year student applications.

Apart from an Amazing Living Learning Experience

Benefit You Get Living in i-House

1. Upon acceptance, guaranteed Room in Asbury (Single & Double both apply) without the need of participating in the campus-wide room-selection lottery.

2.Strengthen your Intercultural Competency skills on the Intercultural Effectiveness Scale and receive a Linkedin Endorsement upon completion of the program.

i-House Residency Contract

Requirements You Need to Fulfill

1. Participate in the "Career Around the World" Workshops

2. Co-author the 21/22 Drew University College Slang Dictionary for International Students as a whole i-House community

3. Participate in at Least One Social Event per Month as An Entire Suite Unit

4. Participate in at Least One International Focused Experiential Program on/off Campus

5. Respect fellow community members and actively build up mentorship relationships within i-House

Here is where I’ve met my closest friends here at Drew. We have had some fun cultural trips to Chinatown, out apple picking, and to the beach as well as hosted events for Dia de Muertos, the Moon Festival, and the Lunar New Year. We also have monthly meetings where we have conversations about understanding individuals and situations through different cultural lenses. Being a Chinese Studies Major, I am particularly interested in learning Chinese culture. Living in this living learning community has allowed me to interact with international students from China who are able to provide me with their personal narratives of what Chinese culture means to them. It’s also exciting to teach international students about American cultural practices. ”
Cameron Donnelly C'21