Student Career Resources.


Student Career Resources

Road Map toward an internship/job in the U.S.

Job hunting is always tough, and it is even harder for international students. On this page, we try to map out all the key elements that you should pay attention to when starting off your journey of finding internships and jobs in the U.S. We also compiled resources that Drew offers to its students to assist you on the journey.

To start, we encourage you to visit the Launch International Student Identity Affinity Community webpage and browse through a list of introductory articles that will give you a rough understanding of what you need to think about when looking for career opportunities in the U.S.

A number of on- and off-campus employment and internship opportunities are available to international students during their years of study at Drew University. Students requiring a visa to study in the United States, however, must obtain special authorization in order to participate in off-campus employment and internships.

The Curricular Practical Training (CPT) and Optional Practical Training (OPT) programs allow F-1 students to pursue part-time or full-time employment, respectively, in a field related to the student’s primary course of study. J-1 students may pursue off-campus work opportunities through the Academic Training (AT) program.

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Step(1): Identify Your Industries of Interest

Not sure what industries you'd like to enter? Explore around!
Check out the | Launch Career Communities |.

Step(4): Understand Your Visa Type

"How many hours can I work on campus?" "What paperwork do I need to do if I am offered an internship off-campus?" "What is CPT and OPT?" ... These are all great questions and we can help!

Read the | Employment Page |, follow Tilghman Updates for Immigration Workshops. or simply email us at!