Connecting Academics & the Workplace

We believe strongly that internships, whether on- or off-campus, are most advantageous when directly related to students’ career development and provide a clear opportunity for networking and transferable skill development. Internships by definition are Immersive Experiences that provide students with rich, impactful experiential learning opportunities that move beyond regular classroom instruction. These experiences may be on or off-campus, for credit or not, and they may or may not be paid.

Essential elements of Immersive Experiences include initial preparation/training, mentoring throughout the experience, and culminating reflection. The INTC-200 companion course for internships is the credit-bearing component of the experience. The course is designed to foster reflection and training throughout the experience and is offered for 0-4 credits each term. A copy of the current INTC-200 syllabus can be found here


Department of Labor Standards

Drew University requires that all internships follow Department of Labor guidelines under the Fair Labor Standards Act.

Internship Awards

Internships can be paid or unpaid and may lead to unexpected expenses for things like travel or professional attire. Drew offers some support through the Drew Internship Awards program.