Immersive Experiences Fair


Launch Immersive Experiences Fair

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Student Presentations

We’ve broken down today’s list of student presentations by type of immersive experience. From research on resistant bacteria to study abroad programs in Belize, the fair will showcase all sorts of student experiences you could explore including in your Drew curriculum/co-curriculum. Note that the bolded presentations below are held live (recordings to be available after the event).

We’ll start with a welcome and instructions from Dr. Jessica Lakin, Drew’s Provost, at 3:00pm EST in the video panel above. Presentations will continue per the schedule below, and will conclude with a thank you and closing from Dr. Daniel Pascoe-Aguilar at 4:50pm EST. All live presentation times are listed in the accordion sections below. 


Of course, we’d prefer to offer these events in-person on Drew’s campus this Fall. However, just because we’re not physically close to one another doesn’t mean that we’re not still here to support you. If you have any questions about these events, how to participate in them, or anything else Launch related, please feel free to reach out to us at