Interview: Courtney Trzasko C’17


—Chris Pedota

Women’s Basketball

At Drew you play basketball, keep a near perfect GPA, are a Civic Scholar and more. How do you do it all?
I’ve always had a lot on my plate between sports, academics and other clubs. I learned from a young age how to keep on top of everything. I love having a busy schedule and taking on challenges. The busier my schedule is, the better I am at managing my time.

Would you have done anything differently at Drew?
I would get even more involved. I wish there were a way to be in three places at once so I could study abroad, take the semester on Wall Street and be active in the business honors society at the same time.

Where will all of this lead you?
The business classes, my time with Habitat for Humanity, the connections I have made in the real world—everything has helped me learn about different types of business. I want to start my own business while also helping people, possibly a company that makes economical clothing and toiletries for the homeless. I also want to coach at the collegiate level.

You’ve been involved in some exciting games at Drew. Which one will stand out 10 years from now?
Beating Susquehanna on Senior Day last year. We were the underdogs. That makes it all the more satisfying, and doing it on the final home game for our seniors.

Now you’re a senior. What would you like to accomplish in your final season?
We have six seniors this year, and none of us have been to the Landmark Conference playoffs, so that’s a big motivation. It’s not just about us getting to the postseason—it’s also about creating a culture of success for future teams.

How has the mentorship you’ve received at Drew played a role in your success?
Our coaches love getting our team involved and giving back to the community. And working with the Civic Scholar program helped me remember there are more important things in life than the game you lost the night before, the bad grade you got or the failed event you had.

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