Eligibility Guidelines for Assigned Carrels and Lockers



Baldwin Carrels and E-Level Closet Carrels Maximum Term*:

3 years (36 months) for PhD candidates;

1 ½ years (18 months) for DLitt and DMH candidates;

1 year (12 months) for other eligible graduate students – DMin/MA/MMH/MLitt./MFin and other graduate students

In order of priority and receipt of application:

  1. Doctoral students.
  2. After October 1st, available Baldwin Carrels may be assigned to other graduate students.

Locked file cabinets are on

Level E, in the Cornell staircases between the Cornell and Pilling or Pilling and Baldwin Rooms

Term:  6 months
  1. Graduate students on the waitlist for a carrel.
  2. All other graduate students.
  3. Commuting students in any school, faculty on sabbatical, and CLA-BA Honors students.

*Maximum Carrel Terms: PhD candidates who have completed course work and language exams are eligible for carrels for a three-year period or for several periods of time that add up to 36 months.  DLitt and DMH candidates who have completed course work are eligible for carrels for a one-and-one-half-year period or for periods of time that add up to 18 months.  Students graduating from a master’s program and entering a doctoral program may reapply under their new student status. Renewals are granted on a case-by-case basis.


Renewals of locker assignments may be granted upon assignee request when the current term expires.  Renewal applicants must still be academically eligible, must have met the minimum usage requirements during the current and/or prior semester or year, and must not have committed serious policy infractions to be eligible for renewal.