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If Books Could Kill

Curated by Candace Reilly, Emma Bryer, Mary Cannaday, Sophia Patti, and Becca Safi

What makes a book deadly?

The text? The ink? The pigments? The binding?

Historically, all of the above.

This exhibit explores the toxicity of book production. From texts such as the Malleus Maleficarum, Mein Kampf, and the Bible, which have influenced killing, to the chemical make-up of the ingredients used to produce books. We were inspired by the Winterthur Library Poison Book Project, and their work on detecting toxicity in bookcloth colorants primarily from the 19th century.
If Books Could Kill showcases the artifacts within our collection that possibly contain toxic ingredients. From bookcloths, pigments, parchment, leathers, dust, mold, fungus, and disease this exhibit will have you question the poisonous nature of books.
To view the exhibit in-person, you are welcome to come to the Drew University Methodist Archives 9-5 Monday-Friday.
The exhibit will run from January 24th-April 29th 2022

Online exhibit: https://omeka.drew.edu/exhibits/show/ifbookscouldkill


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Piety and Plague: Communal Responses to Epidemics

Curated by Candace Reilly and Becca Safi

We are living in a difficult time. Our lives have been uprooted by COVID-19, which has caused death, sickness, job loss, depression, anxiety, prejudice, and much more.
This exhibit intends to showcase that our time is not an anomaly. We are part of a history of epidemics that has ravaged the human population for thousands of years.
The exhibit is organized into three factions of response to sickness. The first grouping focuses on the medical reaction to disease, the second looks at the religious reception, and the third regards the different ways fears and anxieties of sickness shape our behavior and the culture around us. We hope you find this exhibit timely and take some comfort in how we fit into history.

If you are interested in an online version of the exhibit, then please use the following link which will take you to our OMEKA site: https://omeka.drew.edu/exhibits/show/pietyandplague


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