For Faculty and Staff


For Faculty and Staff

How the Center for Mentoring and Professional Networks Can Work with Faculty and Staff

As part of its work supporting students in building their networks, the Center is committed to working collaboratively with faculty and staff to support access to alum “experts” in areas of interest. Some of the ways we can help are below, but don’t hesitate to reach out if you have questions about other potential opportunities!

Ways we can help:

  • Identification of alum participants for an academic class
  • Identification of alums to participate in a TREC or other program
  • Identification of alum speakers for panel discussions or presentations outside of class hours whether for continued academic conversations or information about life management skills
  • Identification and introductions of alums to connect with specific students around their career interest or identity
  • Solicitation of alums to offer projects or job shadowing experiences to fulfill academic requirements
  • Training for students on Drew Connect, our online networking platform
  • And more!

In exchange, we simply ask faculty and staff to let us know when an alum has assisted in some way, whether or not referred by the Center.

Need support or want to share the names of alum participants? Contact the Center at or the director, Carol Bassie, directly at 973-408-3838.