Olivia DiAgostino T’19

Transformation Program Coordinator, United Methodist Women

Olivia DiAgostino is currently the Transformation Program Coordinator at United Methodist Women, where she works on leadership development and transformative education programs designed to put faith, hope and love into action—with a focus on women, children and youth. DiAgostino’s work focuses on transformative education, running the mission education program and equipping the 9,000 United Method members to study spiritual growth, social justice and global ministry issues. “One thing I’ve learned about having gone to seminary, you are always called upon to do a wide variety of different things in the workforce.”

DiAgostino realized she found her calling when she came to Drew, but she was not called to ministry. An internship in the communications department at United Methodist Women, a Drew placement, led to DiAgostino’s employment in her current position. “I’m grateful that my time at Drew prepared me to engage my passions and core values in a career where I can use all of them all, every single day,” said DiAgostino.

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