About the Physics Major.


About the Physics Major

Physics Tracks

There are 3 different options for a bachelor’s degree in physics at Drew: Bachelor of Science (BS) or Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Physics, or BS in Engineering Physics.  They reflect the diverse goals and interests of physics students.

All 3 tracks include a set of Common Foundation Courses in Physics and Math that cover the following subjects:

  • Physics: Mechanics (PHYS 150) with Laboratory (PHYS 113), Electricity and Magnetism and Optics (PHYS 160) with Laboratory (PHYS 114), Modern Physics (PHYS 250), Electronics (PHYS 255), Advanced Laboratories (PHYS 304/305), and Advanced Mechanics (PHYS 301)
  • Mathematics: Calculus and Differential Equations (MATH-150, 151, 250, 315)

Talk to your physics advisor, who can help you decide on one of these tracks:


What’s great about the Physics major: