All Policies

All Policies

This is a listing all all policies in the library, in alphabetical order. To search by category or tags, please use the menu or return to the homepage.

Academics - for the Center for Global Education Programs

Access to Electronic Resources

Access to University Facilities and Buildings

Alcohol, Marijuana, and other Drug Policy

Alumni Emails and Identification Cards and Access to Resources

Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) Policy

Anonymous Tip Line (Campus Security)

Anti-Hazing Policy

Application + Templates

Applications Policy for the Center for Global Education Programs

Approval, Management and Responsibilities of Drew Connect Users

Bias Response Hotline

Bus Policy

Business Expense Reimbursement Policy


Campus Conduct Hotline Brochure

Campus Conduct Hotline Policy

Campus Security Policies and Procedures

Caspersen School Academic Integrity Policy

Caspersen School Academic Policies

Chem Hygiene Plan Revision 3 November 2011 Final

CLA Academic Policies

Club Sports Manual

Code of Conduct Policies for the Center for Global Education

Collections Development Policies and Procedures

Confidentiality of Constituency Information Policy

Confidentiality Policy of the Drew University Libraries

Conflict of Interest Policy for Trustees and Officers of Administration

Conscientious Employee Protection Act (Whistleblower Act)

Copyright and Intellectual Property Policy and Procedures of the University Library

Cost Sharing Policies for Sponsored Projects

Cost Transfer Policies for Sponsored Funds

Disciplinary Policy - Human Resources

Documentation Guidelines - Office of Accessibility Resources

Drop/Add Policy

Education and Training Requirements

EEO & Human Rights Complaints

Eligibility Guidelines for Carrels, Lockers and Group Study

Emeritus Trustee Policy

Employee Handbook

Energy Star Policy

Event and Meeting Classification Policy

Faculty Personnel Policy

Faculty Resources

Fall Protection Procedures

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

Finance Policy for the Center for Global Education

Fire Pit Protocol

Fire Safety Policies

Food and Drink Policy

Google Shared Drives Policy

Grievance Procedures - Faculty Personnel Policy

Guest Policy

Guide to Online Holds and Recalls

Housing Policies for the Center for Global Education Programs

Housing Policy for Students Needing Break Housing

Institutional Research Board Website

Intellectual Property Ownership Policy

Interlibrary Loan Policies

Intramural Rules & Policies

IRB Committee Members


Ladder Safety Program Policy and Inspection Procedure

Laptop & iPad Loaner Policy

Library Communications Policy

Library Exhibits

Library Faculty Regulations

Library Gift Book Policy

Library Social Media Policy

Methodist Library Collection Development Guidelines

Minors on Campus Policy

Missing Person Policy and Contact Form

Mobile Communication Devices

Moodle Policies

Motor Vehicle Regulations

Move Out Process

Network User Agreement

News & Media

Peer to Peer File Sharing Notice and Prohibition

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Program Policy

Policies and Procedures for Assigned Study Carrels and Lockers

Policies and Procedures for Canceling and or Adding Journal Subscriptions

Powered Industrial Truck Program Policy

Printing Policies

Program Policies for the Center for Global Education

Purchasing Goods & Services Policy

Records Retention and Destruction Policy

Records Retention Schedule

Refund Policy for Community Education Auditors (CEA Program)

Refund Policy for Withdrawal/Leave of Absence

Refund Policy for Withdrawal/Leave of Absence Covered by the Tuition Protection Plan

Rental Equipment and Event Support

Requesting Accommodations Policy with the Office of Accessibility Resources

Research Determination

Residence Hall Access Policy

Residence Life and Housing

Residency Policy - Housing Assignments

Responding to Allegations of Research Misconduct

Responsible Conduct of Research

Responsible Use of University Data

Rights and Responsibilities of Students with Documented Disabilities

Service and Assistance Animals on Campus Policy

Sign Posting and Bulletin Board Policy

Signature Authority Policy

Simon Forum Policies Manual

Social Media Policy

Special Collections and University Archives Access Policy

Sponsored Projects Closeout Policy

Student Conduct Policy

Student-Athlete Policy Manual

Students Receiving Federal or State Aid

Summary of Changes

Summer and January Term Semesters

Technology Asset Procurement and Upgrade Policy

Theological School Academic Integrity Policy

Theological School Academic Policies

Title IV Refund Policy

Title IX Complaints

Transgender Nondiscrimination Statement

Travel Policy & Procedures

Tutor Training

Tutoring Policies

Types of Research

University Credit Card Policy

University Library’s Proxy Borrowing Policy

Use of Copyrighted Materials Policy

Use of Group Spaces in the Library

Use of the Kean Room

User Support Services Policies

Veterans Benefits Policy at Drew University

Whistleblower Policy

Writing Center Policies