President's Message to the Drew Community Regarding Tuition Reset, 9/10/17.


President’s Message to the Drew Community Regarding Tuition Reset, 9/10/17

Dear members of the Drew community,

Let’s be clear—college tuition is too high. So we’re lowering our tuition by 20%.

Our current published tuition price makes it seem as if the value of a Drew education is beyond the reach of many families. But the reality is that most students and families do not pay the full tuition price thanks to the generous financial aid that Drew offers. In 2018–19, we estimate that 72% of our students will receive need-based aid, and we will offer about $32 million in institutional grants and scholarships. Our average total financial aid award will be about $30,000 and the average scholarship or grant about $20,000.

The benefits of a Drew education are clear to our alums, our students, and our parents. Drew professors have real one-on-one mentoring relationships with students in the classroom and in the real world, our connections to the community and the region extend our classrooms, and our alums attend prestigious graduate schools and build successful careers.

The time has come for Drew to be clear about its tuition.

So let’s be clear. Effective for academic year 2018–19, Drew’s tuition will be lowered by 20%—about $10,000—narrowing the gap between the actual tuition charge and the amount many families pay. This move will make Drew’s true tuition, and our true value, more clear to more families.

For fall 2018–19, tuition will be $38,668 (before financial aid), down from $48,336 this year.

The celebration of the University’s 150th year is the right time to take this step, from a position of strength and growth. Drew is growing. We’ve experienced a 27% increase in incoming students in three years, and an increase of 50% in transfer students in four years. First-to-second-year retention has increased from 76 to 87% in four years. Drew recently welcomed the largest class of international students in its history, and the number of international students has grown 195% in four years. The University now ranks 32nd nationwide in the number of international students among all liberal arts colleges.

We have invested, and will continue to invest, in Drew’s strengths. Recently launched liberal arts majors and minors include media and communications, creative writing, film studies, data science, and statistics. New professionally focused combined degree programs, in partnership with master’s and doctoral universities, include nursing, software engineering, law, and teaching. The number of New York City semesters has doubled, for a total of six, with the newest additions in Communications and Media, Theatre, and Social Entrepreneurship. We’ve welcomed men’s and women’s golf as new intercollegiate sports, and a brand new Commons Dining Hall offers healthy, varied, and continuous meal options in a lovely setting.

Drew’s mission calls us to educate a diverse community of learners. That diversity includes economic diversity. The change in Drew’s tuition will help prospective students take a clear look at the true cost of a Drew education, and more importantly at the value and excellence that the University has to offer.

I invite you to review our FAQs and information about what to do if you have more questions.

Best regards,

MaryAnn Baenninger

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