Internships & Research.


Internships & Research

Internship Opportunities

An internship in a psychology-related field gives students a concrete understanding of what it would be like to work in the field of their choice. Below is a list of places where students in psychology have completed internships in the past. These are not the only possibilities and if you are interested in an internship; contact the Center for Internships and Career Development for more information.

Research Opportunities

Undergraduate students in the Psychology Department get involved in research activities beyond regular course work. Graduate programs, especially PhD programs, highly value research experience. In fact, you are unlikely to be admitted without research experience, regardless of your GPA.

Students might work as an academic assistant for an existing faculty research program or develop an independent project in collaboration with a faculty mentor. Many students have presented their work at professional conferences and/or as a senior honors project.

Extensive renovated research space is available for research involving human participants, and a new vivarium is available for research with animals. Students can participate in directed research with faculty mentors or conduct their own independent research or specialized honors projects.