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Cross Registration


Students are able to cross-register at certain nearby institutions that have existing agreements with Drew University to share classes and credits. Students planning to cross-register will need to submit a form to be registered for any classes at any institution available for cross-registration.

Step One, complete the form (you can save a copy and fill it out): Cross-Registration Form

Step Two, submit the completed form: Cross-Registration Completed Form Submission

Step Three (Drew Students Only), follow up with the host university’s Office of the Registrar to ensure they have everything they need after you receive a confirmation email from Drew University’s Office of the Registrar.

How it works:

  • Students are registered by their home institution once the form is approved and submitted to the appropriate Registrar’s Office.
    • The Registrar’s Office will not process a form missing any required approvals.
  • The class and grade will appear on the student’s home transcript.
    • Drew University will send cross-registration grades to the other schools automatically after the grade deadline and will request grades for Drew students as well to be entered on the student record.
  • Grades will count towards the student’s GPA.
  • Cross-registered classes are included in the home institution tuition and any scholarships or financial aid will apply as long as it is within the max credits a student is allowed to take in a term.

Available Institutions for UG Students:

Saint Elizabeth University

Fairleigh Dickinson University

Available Institutions for Theo Students:

Union Theological Seminary

NY Theological Seminary

General Theological Seminary

If you are planning to take classes at an institution not listed on this page, please visit the Transfer Credit webpage for the policies and procedures related to transferring credits.

If you have any questions contact the Office of the Registrar at 973/408-3025 or email us at