Final Exam Schedule.


Final Exam Schedule


Semester-specific exam dates can be found in the Academic Calendar. Exams are scheduled based on meeting days and time of the class. Non-standard class times that start within 15 minutes of a time indicated in the grid will be scheduled in that block, all other non-standard times will be scheduled as an exception and should be confirmed via TreeHouse once final exams are posted for the term. 

Please note: exams are not generally scheduled for labs, studio classes, recitations, and/or performance classes, please speak with the instructor if there are questions regarding whether the class will have an exam. Any issues with the schedule, including combined exam times, are to be worked out between the student and the instructor PRIOR to the exam period.

Printable Version of Final Exam Grids

Final Exam Grids Prior to Spring 2021:

Final Exam Schedule | Fall Semesters

Final Exam Schedule | Spring Semesters