Career Outcomes.


Career Outcomes

After Graduation

The skills involved in Sociology, training in investigative methods, critical observation and analysis of our society and attention to diversity, are attractive assets for employers. A bachelor of arts degree in Sociology opens the door to a wide variety of careers in social service, journalism, business, health, public relations, criminal justice, marketing and politics. Sociology also provides a good basis for further education in law school, medical school, or graduate school. Students who complete masters or doctorates in Sociology commonly work as researchers, professors, or applied sociologists.

For further information about what you can do with a degree in Sociology, see the American Sociological Association’s website or talk to a member of the Sociology Department.  In a letter to parents of sociology majors, the Executive Officer of the American Sociological Association, Sally Hillsman, defines sociology, the skill-set learned in college and the career choices for sociology majors.- “Why Major in Sociology?”.

Sociology Alumni

Sociology graduates have entered every conceivable career. Our graduates are pursuing careers in university teaching, elementary and secondary education, social work, law, criminal justice, business, government service and journalism.

Recent Graduates Include:

• several who do public service work for Teach For American and City Year
• two who are editors in newspapers and entertainment periodicals
• one running for political office in a major city
• three who are professors at major universities
• dozens, even hundreds, employed as professional social workers, counselors, hospital management staff and special education teachers
• one who has his own funeral home business
• hundreds employed in major corporations such as Verizon, Blue Cross-Blue Shield, AT&T, and numerous major banks in the New York area as well as financial service companies
• two who work for the US State Department
• two who are officers in the New York Police Department
• and dozens who are elementary and high school teachers in social studies and allied areas.

This list is only a partial compilation of where our graduates go following commencement. Virtually all of them with whom our faculty have contact attest to the superb liberal arts education they have received from Drew and the excellent preparation they received from their Sociology Major and its faculty. Our alumni are everywhere!