A Gift of Remembrance

You’d have a hard time trying to find someone with a more impressive Drew University pedigree than Carolyn Benjamin Knox C’67, P’96.

When she enrolled at Drew in 1963, Carolyn (pictured here with her husband, William Knox, a Drew trustee) followed her greatgrandfather, James G. Johnston T1877, and her father, Charles T. Benjamin C’43, to The Forest. In turn, she was followed by two sisters, Marilyn Benjamin Wassmann C’71 and Jacalyn Benjamin Johnson C’76, and years later by her daughter, Emily Knox C’96.

That’s six members of the extended Johnston/Benjamin/Wassmann/Johnson/Knox family over 120 years. Talk about commitment. So for Carolyn and William, their decision to leave the university a six-figure gift in their will was a no-brainer.

This fall the Knoxes will serve as the host family for a first-year student from Nepal—the 83rd foreign student they have welcomed into their home.

“We both just want to give back,” Carolyn says. “The reason we are where we are today is because we had the opportunity to go to college.”

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