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I ♥ Drew

A closer look at six Drew love stories.

February 2018 – In our 150-year history, Drew has been the setting for countless love stories. Whether you first crossed paths with your true love in a dorm, dining hall, classroom or elsewhere in The Forest, we celebrate your stories this Valentine’s Day, as we did in in 20172016 and in 2015. Here’s a closer look at six Drew love stories.

Drew ♥ them, they ♥ Drew, we all ♥ Drew!

Cayley (Barlowe) C’10 and Gil Arbitsman C’07
Ada (Mitchell) C’75 and Don Watson C’70
Jessie Haims C’13 and Alfredo Rivera Barletta C’14
Sarah (Pysher) C’10 and Gregory Liro C’09
Janice Farry-Menke C’67 and John Menke C’66
Jacqueline (Stow) T’17 and Pedro Pillot C’13, T’16