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Princeton Review: Drew Top 10 in Theater, Student Interaction

Recognizes student productions and campus life.

August 2018 – Once again, The Princeton Review ranks Drew University top 10 nationally in theater and race/class interaction.

The 2019 rankings are based on an annual survey of some 138,000 students. So, these are peer recommendations from the men and women who attend the schools.

In theater, Drew is No. 6 in the U.S., based on the quality of its productions. The University’s Department of Theatre and Dance presents more than a dozen shows annually—both large-scale and small—with students acting, choreographing, writing and handling most production duties under the mentorship of professors and professionals. Drew, which also offers a New York City semester on theatre, is a mainstay on Best College Theater list, having made it 26 years.

This is the third straight year that Drew is being recognized for having Lots of Race/Class Interaction. The University is No. 5 nationally—up from No. 6 last year. The distinction is based on how strongly students agree with the statement, “Different types of students (black/white, rich/poor) interact frequently and easily.”

Princeton Review’s category leaders are listed online and featured in its annual guidebook, The Best 384 Colleges.