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Drew University Adds Masters in Finance Dual-Degree Program

New concentrations also introduced in financial engineering, investment management

October 2021 – The Drew University Master of Science in Finance program continues to evolve with a new Dual-Degree program and new concentrations in financial engineering and investment management.

The 4+1 program, one of several recently added to Drew’s growing list of dual-degree options, will allow advanced undergraduates to begin their graduate studies early and accelerate their immersion into the world of finance as they join the Caspersen School of Graduate Studies’ masters program.

The new Dual-Degree program comes on the heels of an expansion of the innovative Master of Science in Finance program, with new concentrations in financial engineering and investment management.

Within the new financial engineering concentration, students will learn to apply finance, mathematics, programming, and engineering methods to build models and solve complex financial problems. The concentration is an answer to the growing need for financial engineering skills in algorithmic trading, risk management, securitization, and derivatives.

The new financial engineering concentration will especially help prepare students for the financial risk manager (FRM) exam offered by the Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP), which Drew entered into an academic partnership with last year.

“The world of finance is evolving,” said program director Steve Firestone. “The skills that are needed in the financial markets have changed. People on trading desks have to understand programming, finance, and markets. With our new financial engineering concentration and our 4+1 program, Drew will prepare graduate and advanced undergraduate students for what’s next.”

For the investment management concentration, students will immerse themselves in the world of investing, including financial statement analysis, investment ethics, and advanced portfolio management techniques. Graduates within the concentration will enter the workforce prepared for careers in a variety of investment-related organizations.

"With our new financial engineering concentration and our 4+1 program, Drew will prepare graduate and advanced undergraduate students for what's next."

“We are poised for an enormous generational transfer of wealth from Baby Boomers to millennials and Generation X,” said Firestone. “People have a range of investment options now that barely existed five years ago. The investment management concentration trains students to understand how to take a critical look at these new products and construct sophisticated portfolios that account for the unique risk and return profile of a wide range of investors.”

The Finance program as a whole was structured to immerse students in quantitative and analytical methods, giving them access to tools and technologies used throughout the financial sector.

Critical to Drew’s Master of Science in Finance program is its internship requirement, ensuring each student receives hands-on mentoring during an internship that allows them to build experiences, expand their networks, and work with a talented group of industry leaders and mentors.

“The internship component was essential,” said Nick Lombardi G’21, a recent program graduate who will be joining Morningstar as an analyst this November in New York City.

“It allowed me to jumpstart my career in financial markets by applying the skills I gained at Drew while interning at Brean Capital on their CMBS trading desk. I learned invaluable skills I’ll use my whole career.”

Learn more about the six new offerings here, and see our full list of options here.

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