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Drew University Professor Opens Art Exhibit in NYC Gallery

Jason Karolak’s paintings from the pandemic will be on display at the Morgan Lehman Gallery

April 2022 – Jason Karolak, associate teaching professor of art at Drew University, is set to have his solo exhibit of oil paintings on display at Morgan Lehman Gallery in New York City.

The exhibit, “POROUS,” will open on Thursday, April 7, and run through May 21. It is free and open to the public each week Wednesday through Saturday.


Credit: Julia Gillard

“After a long period of relative quiet and isolation in the art world, it feels really good to share this body of work with the larger public, the artist community, and my colleagues,” said Karolak. “I am excited to put it out there.”

“POROUS”includes Karolak’s work from the last three years, largely over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic. The paintings are based on a number of disparate inspirations, including, “personal sites/locations, utopian architecture, musical structures, art-historical references, video games, and even recycled elements from earlier works,” according to the gallery press release.

“Color is a primary component of this body of paintings,” Karolak explained. “I am interested in how color sits in space, how it can be rhythmically organized, and how it registers with people internally.”

Karolak intends to let his work on “POROUS” lead back into the classroom at Drew.

“The research I do for my studio work is continually linked to my teaching at Drew. For the past several years I have been teaching a multi-disciplinary seminar on color, and it has been a pleasure to share these ideas with my students and to see what each of them brings to the table as well.”

Check out more of Karolak’s work at his website jasonkarolak.com.

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