Melinna Sanchez C’24

For me, Women’s History Month bridges the gap between silent aspirations and the ability to achieve. It allows women to occupy space in all forms and identities and bring forth their knowledge and ideas in many spheres.

Growing up with a single mother, I witnessed her womanly resilience and strength in navigating motherhood independently and developing her identity beyond her children as an employee, reestablishing herself in corporate America, and as a newly single woman. My mom never faltered in her perseverance and always reminded my sister and me “that we can and we will.” She embodies many roles as a woman and does so successfully. She was capable of planting the seeds, starting fresh, and flourishing into the multi-dimensional woman she became.

Women’s History Month recognizes the pioneers who came before my mom and paved the way for women to freely cultivate an assortment of roles and the choice to exist however they chose to. It reminds me that while society has a ways to go till true equality between sexes exists, ours and upcoming generations can be a force for change.