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Drew University Class of 2023 Outcomes: Kayla Anthony

Kayla Anthony C’23 is entering American University’s Master of Public Policy program

May 2023 – The members of the Drew University College of Liberal Arts Class of 2023 are set to graduate and start their careers and continue their education in an array of disciplines, fields, and subjects.

We’ve talked with many C’23 students to see where they’re headed.

Kayla Anthony C’23 | American University’s Master of Public Policy with a concentration in education policy

Majors: Political Science, Psychology

How did Drew prepare you for your next steps?

During my time at Drew, I had the pleasure to work with some amazing professors. One of the professors that helped guide me towards my decision was Professor Patrick McGuinn [professor of political science and education]. After taking his Education Policy and Politics course, as well as his Social Policy and Inequality course, my passion for policy was truly ignited. He truly helped me to understand the influence that policy can have on government and the importance of making a difference. When applying to master’s programs, Professor McGuinn helped guide me through the application process and offered suggestions and advice regarding programs that may be a good fit for me. I appreciate all of his advice and support. 

What will you miss about Drew? 

What I will miss most about Drew is the community. Throughout my time at Drew, I have been able to establish a loving and supportive group of friends, as well as had the opportunity to foster relationships and mentorship with my professors. I have been able to learn a great deal, not only about myself, but also about the world around me. Drew has given me the freedom to explore different avenues that I didn’t even know were available to me. I will miss the home I have created at Drew.