Elaina Cuffy C’20, G’22 On Life At, After Drew University

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Elaina Cuffy C'20, G'22 On Life At, After Drew University

"The people and the environment at Drew have played a big part in my journey into adulthood. Drew is the perfect school for students looking to be surrounded by faculty and friends who have their best interest at heart."

Posted on: May 19, 2022.

Rage Hezekiah C'06 Takes on Writing After Exploring Her Passions at Drew University

"I felt empowered to explore my passions and find agency in my education."

Posted on: May 18, 2022.

Where They're Going: Fernando Cardoza Ochoa C'22

"My mentors and bosses have guided me through my undergraduate career, applying to programs during the summers, developing successful events for the Drew community, and enhancing my network."

Posted on: May 17, 2022.

Where They're Going: Daniel Viera C'22

"From originally starting my collegiate career as an intended biology major, I was able to explore my options...and eventually reached a decision to pursue the arts through my photography post-undergrad."

Posted on: May 17, 2022.

Where They're Going: Alyssa Sileo C'22

"I had the freedom to focus on the topics and issues that matter to me."

Posted on: May 17, 2022.