Clubs and Organizations


Clubs and Organizations

Clubs & Organizations

There is a campus organization for practically every student interest, whether it’s political, musical, athletic, social, or volunteer-oriented. You can learn more about our clubs and student organizations as well as engage with them virtually through The Path, our virtual student engagement platform. On The Path, you can join different clubs and student organizations, learn about events, and vote in important student leadership elections.

Starting a New Club

More than 60 organizations exist on the Drew Campus. There are organizations that are culturally oriented, artistic in nature, connected with academic departments or organized to meet the needs of a variety of student populations at Drew (e.g., commuters, residents, etc.). If you decide after surveying the list of organizations that are currently recognized that none of them meets your needs, you may want to start a new one. Here’s how:

  1. Meet with a representative from the Budget & Organizations Board ( to discuss your idea for the organization, its purpose and how to begin.
  2. Any person(s) interested in starting a new organization may do so in either the Fall or Spring Semester within the following time frames. In the Fall semester, new organizations may form in the week following the Activities Fair through December 1st. In the Spring Semester, new organizations may form until April 1st.
  3. The provisional period is a trial period for a club to get established on campus, this period will last from the club’s granting of provisional status, until the time of their first Budget & Organizations Board ( review.
  4. All constitutions must follow the sample constitution, which is attached within this document. All bolded items within the constitution must remain as so; additional amendments and items may be added and some of the un-bolded items may be adjusted by the club, according to how your club will function.
  5. Once the application is submitted you will be contacted. A meeting will be scheduled to give you an opportunity to present your idea and information to the Budget & Organizations Board (
  6. All organizations are held accountable to the statement of “Rights and Responsibilities of Registered Student Organizations”.