How to Apply for Aid.


How to Apply for Aid

1. Submit the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid)

Whether you are a first-year, transfer or continuing student, completing the FAFSA is the only way to:

  • Determine your eligibility for need-based aid from the federal or state government as well as Drew University (available only to undergraduate students).
  • Receive a low-interest student loan.
  • Determine your eligibility for Federal Work-Study.

2. Review Your Financial Aid Package

Admission to Drew is based solely on academic merit and extracurricular achievement. If you are admitted to the college and demonstrate financial need, you can expect financial assistance in the form of a “package,” which may consist of grants, work opportunities and low-interest loans.

3. Accept Your Award

All financial aid packages are subject to certain terms and conditions. The Financial Aid Award Agreement is generated by Drew University and is available to you before each academic year to inform you of the financial aid for the coming year. You must formally accept your award in order to receive your aid.