Special Situations.


Verification and Outstanding Requirements

Missing Information Request Process

The Office of Student Financial Services sends students notification of any missing financial aid requirements to ensure that students can provide all necessary information for completing their financial aid application. Missing information communications are sent to student's Drew email addresses. Drew University cannot finalize a student's eligibility for financial aid until all missing requirements have been submitted. Financial aid may be cancelled if all missing requirements are not submitted in a timely manner.

See a video tutorial on how to view and submit missing requirements.

See a video tutorial on how to view and submit missing requirements.

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Verification Process

Please be aware that even if you are not selected for Federal Government Verification, the University has the authority to conduct its own verification and audits under the jurisdiction of the Department of Education guidelines.

Unusual Enrollment History Flags

Beginning in 2013-2014, some Free Applications for Federal Student Aid (FAFSAs) began to be flagged for “Unusual Enrollment History” (UEH) by the U. S. Department of Education as a result of the student having received Federal Pell Grants or Federal Loans at multiple institutions in recent years. Flags 2 and 3 require that the current institution review the student’s enrollment history and determine whether or not the student is enrolling only long enough to receive cash refunds of federal student aid. In order to review a student’s UEH flag, Drew University’s Office of Financial Assistance will check the National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS) for complete enrollment history. This includes the name of each school attended during the review period and dates of attendance.