Student Employment.


Student Employment & Work-Study

Job opportunities are available both on and off campus. There are two types of on-campus student employment: Federal Work-Study  (FWS) and Regular Student Employment (Non Work-Study).

Federal Work-Study awards are based on financial need and will be included in the financial aid awards of those students who qualify. All student employment positions on campus are competitive. Priority in hiring will be given to students who have a Federal Work-Study award. Please note the University does not guarantee placement for any student.  However, the Center for Career Development can provide assistance for students who are beginning the job search process.

Please visit the Career Center’s Student Employment website for complete information.


If you have questions about your specific Work-Study award, please contact or 973-408-3717.

Hiring Managers

Looking to hire a federal work-study or non work-study student employee? Complete the Student Employee Hiring Form.

Has your student employee’s job ended or are you terminating a student employee? Please complete the Student Employee Termination Form.

Student Employment Guidelines

  • Student employees are permitted to work 20 hours per week during the academic year (this includes all positions/departments in totality for those students employed by more than one department.) Students and supervisors should discuss all positions that the student plans to accept before any hiring documentation is submitted to ensure they adhere to the maximum hours set. Please be aware that the new payroll systems will not allow student employees to clock in and out or be paid for hours exceeding 20 per week. Therefore, it is critical that supervisors do not allow students to actually work more hours than permitted.
  • Returning student employees that were in the Oasis/Paychex payroll system have been moved to the new payroll systems, ADP Workforce Now (ADP WFN) and Resource Navigation’s CollegeTime (CollegeTime). However, these students will still need to log in to each system, and confirm all profile information (mailing address, W-4 withholdings, direct deposit information, etc.) when advised to do so. At the time that the student employment team approves eligibility to work, returning students will be provided with the proper instructions for completing these steps.
  • The following former student employees are no longer in the new payroll systems:
    • Students not eligible for student employment due to enrollment credits;
    • Students in which termination notices were received during the Spring 2022 semester or Summer 2022;
    • Students that graduated or remained inactive during the Spring and Summer of 2022.
  • New student employees being hired for the first time, who have been approved for student employment, will be provided the proper steps to complete all onboarding in the payroll systems during the hiring process.