The Rev. James Lee T’19

Lead Pastor, Wesley United Methodist Church

James Lee has had two loves since early childhood—the church and media—and he has been able to integrate these passions throughout his journey. Coming from a mono-ethnic Korean church, Lee found value in the diversity at Drew. “I was always surrounded by folks who were from all different backgrounds, ages and experiences,” said Lee. “That was so valuable to me when I went into the workforce and was running my business.” Lee focused on his visual arts career until learning of a video opportunity at United Methodist Conference of Greater New Jersey, bringing Lee back to the church and giving him the opportunity to blend his skill for video storytelling into the church.

Lee shared his personal mission statement, “I exist to cultivate a divine spark in people around me, to give them voice, to share their stories with the world either through the pulpit or through the lens of a camera.”

Now, the COVID-19 pandemic has allowed Lee to bring his video passion to his congregation at Wesley United Methodist Church through his online sermons as lead pastor.

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