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A Public Theology Initiative

Making the Shift: from Gatekeepers to Change Agents…

"The question is worth asking: are you an agent or a gatekeeper?"

Justice Music by Tyrone Birkett, "Those Whose Backs…

"Here in this moment
We see that are freedom is on the line
But our spirit’s strong and free


Social Justice Leadership Project

Our Goals

The Social Justice Leadership Project is committed to lifting up the voices of justice artists - critical writers, painters, poets, dancers, musicians and organizers - whose expressions of insight are sorely needed to turn public discourse toward creative visions for our collective future. We understand ourselves as partners in a collaborative project to both generate ideas from thought leaders in important areas of social justice, as well as from coalitions with leading activist organizations and justice artists. Toward these ends, this website will act as a platform and hub. Our hope is that together we can forge connections between multi-faith partners, and foster spiritually-based, socially-engaged conversations, prophetic criticism and strategies for social change.

SJLP Director, Dr. Nancy Lynne Westfield, Named Wabash Center Director

“The Wabash Center has a national reputation for excellence in its engagement of faculty in the fields of theology and religion, and Dr. Westfield’s experience as a theologian, scholar, and a leader of Wabash Center programs made her an ideal fit for the position,” said President Hess.