Spirituality and Justice


Spirituality and Justice

Just Struggle, by Nancy Lynne Westfield

For us.

Things have always been.


Life’s typical suffering

Deserves heaven’s laud –

So when

Un-necessary suffering

Imposed. Flip calculous insuring more wealth for the already well-heeled is

Weaponized gerrymandering bottom-line


Peasant, Surf, Dalit, Welfare Queen

Pigeon-holed as human-nit.

Pookie, Momma&Nem

Especially Iesha, Kevin, Malik all A-way

Away in prisoned. Enemies of un-dead state.

Police confuse constitutional obligation.

Enforce illegal Black. Unlawful Black. Eraced human-Black.

Un-relenting siren decibels blare

Bursting ear-drums “YOUARETHEPROBLEM.”

Like toddlers blissfully playing with lit stove

Next day,

Coroner exams tiny scorched bodies

Sun-rise mommy squinting into media lights, camera, microphone

She regrets working 3rd job. Moan-scream-collapse – O’Gawd…...

By standing ogler decides scene sufficing proof of necessary domination.

Even so

Here’s the thing ----

Life is never

Just struggle.

As well, Love.

Family, Magic, Creativity.

Work. Delight of God’s heart.

Seeding audacity, orneriness, our sound.

Our smell. Our healing touch.

Yes, the world is broken.

& needs fixin.

We – them who be despised

Engineers of possibility.

Especially Now ---