Our Community. The Student Experience.


Our Community – The Student Experience

As a school of theology with a vibrant campus life, we know the power that comes from dwelling together in community.

Here at Drew, the circle is wide and the engagement is deep. Students, faculty and staff pray, eat, learn, sing and travel together. We disagree, misunderstand and struggle—together.

There are plenty of ways to explore your faith at the Drew Theological School, and the fellowship that arises from spending time on campus offers many of them.

Campus Spaces

“When through the woods and forest glades (we) wander,” as the classic hymn says, we encounter spaces that ring with spiritual majesty, as well as a few set aside for religious purposes.

Seminary Hall

The home of Drew Theological School, the Doctor of Ministry program and the graduate Division of Religion, Seminary Hall, with its Gothic-style arches and brick patterning, provides plenty of spaces for contemplative reflection.

Craig Chapel

At the center of our worshipping and learning community is Craig Chapel. Tucked into Seminary Hall, it hosts Vespers, lectures, Advent services and many more events that bring us together for celebration and worship.

Authentic Community

Second career–somethings and twenty-somethings collaborate on projects. African American gospel music resounds from the chapel. Students practice sermons—in Korean and Spanish. Diversity is not a slogan. It is reality. There is no majority group, and our community reflects the multiplicity of the real world.

Student Groups

Housing & Residence Life

Graduate Living Spaces

Options for Your Comfort

Eberhardt Hall and Townhouses
Eberhardt is home to graduate and theology students, as well as a few undergraduate theme houses. Its private kitchens, patios and more help students create a comfortable home on campus.

The Tipple Hall and Wendel Hall Complex
Married couples, singles and families alike enjoy the Tipple/Wendel Complex. Its picnic areas, playrooms, lounges and common area fireplace truly create an accommodating campus experience.