Cristina Beltrán: Guest Speaker for “A Series of Conversations on Race and Justice”

You’re Invited to: A Series of Conversations on Race and Justice

Law, Justice and Society Program and
Department of Political Science and International Relations present:

Series of Conversations on Race and Justice 

Speaker: Cristina Beltrán

Associate Professor
Department of Social & Cultural Analysis, NYU

  “Cruelty as Citizenship: 

Insurrection and the Threat of White Democracy” 

Situating the contemporary debate on immigration within America’s history of indigenous dispossession, chattel slavery, the Mexican-American War, and Jim Crow, Cristina Beltrán reveals white supremacy to be white democracy—a participatory practice of racial violence, domination, and exclusion that gave white citizens the right to both wield and exceed the law. Still, Beltrán sees cause for hope in growing movements for migrant and racial justice. 

Thursday, March 18
7:00– 8:30 PM

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Cristina Beltrán is an associate professor in the department of Social & Cultural Analysis at New York University. A political theorist by training, her first book, The Trouble with Unity: Latino Politics and the Creation of Identity (Oxford University Press, 2010) was the recipient of numerous awards, including the American Political Science Association’s Ralph Bunche Award and Cuba’s Casa de la Américas prize for the best book on Latinos in the United States. Her newest book, Cruelty as Citizenship: How Migrant Suffering Sustains White Democracy was published in 2020 with the University of Minnesota Press. Beltran’s research and teaching focus on modern and contemporary political theory, Latinx and U.S. ethnic/racial politics, American conservatism, and queer and feminist theory. She is the co-editor with Elisabeth Anker of the peer-reviewed political theory journal Theory & Event and is an occasional political commentator on MSNBC.