New Student Orientation


New Student Orientation

January 16-17, 2023

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Our Mission

We are so excited to welcome you to the Drew community!

The mission of Orientation in the College of Liberal Arts is to assist in the transition of new first-year, transfer, and continuing education undergraduate students to Drew University through intentional, shared experiences for new students and their family members. The Orientation Committee, under the advisement of Undergraduate Admissions and in collaboration with campus departments, facilitates the transition to academic and social life at Drew University by promoting a greater understanding of the campus, the culture, traditions, and expectations in which the university community thrives.

Encompassed within is the overall commitment to Drew University’s mission, to offer its diverse community of learners a challenging and individualized education shaped by a deep-rooted culture of mentoring, thoughtful engagement with the world beyond its campus, and a steadfast commitment to lifelong cultivation of the whole person. Through its distinctive emphasis on the reciprocity of knowledge, experience, and service, Drew prepares its students to flourish both personally and professionally as they add to the world’s good by responding to the urgent challenges of our time with rigorous, independent, and imaginative thought.

Orientation Programs

Orientation in the College of Liberal Arts (CLA) is a multi-part program. For new first year and transfer students who enter in the Fall Semester, there is a virtual Summer Orientation followed by a multi-day, in-person Fall Orientation designed to assist with your academic and social transition to the University. New first year and transfer students who enter in the Spring Semester together attend a one-day Winter Orientation.

Orientation is a time to engage with the people and resources available to you at Drew as a new community member. Connections begin to form with classmates, other Drew students, faculty, staff and the campus as a whole. The activities planned during orientation will assist students as they begin their transition to life at Drew; this includes getting familiar with the campus landscape, meeting fellow Drew students and making new friends.

Have you completed your New Student Enrollment Checklist?

This checklist has reminders of important action items and deadlines for you to complete before you come to campus. Find more information on your Admissions Portal.

First Year in The Forest Summer Series

Welcome to Drew! The Orientation Committee is here to support you through each step of the new student experience this summer. Join us for a series of events to get you #RangerReady for your first year in The Forest!

June 14: Starting Your Academic Journey
June 22: New International Student Mixers
June 30: Out of State Student Panel & Mixer
July 7: Meet the Faculty Mixer - STEM
July 13: Meet the Faculty Mixer - Business, Economics & Social Sciences
July 14: Meet the Faculty Mixer - Arts, Humanities, and Media & Communications
July 20: Diversity at Drew
July 26: Parent Panel & Mixer
July 28: Meet Your OC! Student Mixer
August 3: Commuter Student Panel & Mixer
August 11: Final Check-In: Are you Ranger Ready?

Accessibility Resources

New Students who are requesting accommodations at Drew are advised to contact Accessibility Resources at (973) 408-3962 to schedule an Intake Conference to review your documentation as soon as possible.