The Alan Candiotti Fund

The Alan Candiotti Fund for Innovation in Technology and Education.

Alan Candiotti was a long time math faculty member, and from 1994 until his death in 2013 also served as Assistant Vice President for University Technology. His impact on Drew’s technology program was substantial; as a faculty member he was one of the key implementors of the Computer Initiative in 1984; he oversaw the installation of Drew’s first local area networks in the late 1990s; supported numerous initiatives for faculty innovation and staff technology development; and more recently led University Technology in the Drew 360 implementation. He was also a valued leader and mentor to the entire University Technology staff, led numerous initiatives for the University at the executive level, and was universally recognized by students, faculty, staff and administration as a voice of wisdom about all matters in the University.

The Alan Candiotti Fund for Innovation in Technology and Education is established in memory of Dr. Alan Candiotti, in recognition of his legacy of leadership at Drew, his enthusiastic commitment to innovation in the integration of technology and the liberal arts, and his longstanding dedication to his students and colleagues. The Fund is distributed to faculty and staff members in support of innovative technology projects that improve the quality of instruction and enhance learning opportunities and experiences for Drew students.

The Candiotti Fund committee is accepting applications for grants to be distributed for projects in the academic year 2019-20 from now until March 31st. Improvement of the quality of instruction and/or enhancement of learning opportunities for Drew students must be the basis of each project. Ideas can encompass curricular or co-curricular activities, and in some cases be related to administrative areas. Fund budgets can be used for hardware, software, services, student employment, and a stipend/honorarium for the applicant. Grants are expected to be up to about $1750.

Who can apply?

Faculty or staff who have an innovative project that can positively influence the learning environment for students. University Technology staff are not eligible; but are available to grant recipients as a resource to ensure a successful project.

How do I apply?

Applications can be submitted at

Proposals should contain:

  • A brief summary of the project
  • Budget (hardware, software, other costs)
  • Personnel needed (student employment, UT staff resources with whom to coordinate)
  • A description of the assessment plan for the project (how we will know if the project is successful or not).

Proposals will be evaluated on:

  • Evidence of innovation in technology (using new technologies, existing technologies in different ways, or technologies in a new way for Drew)
  • Whether the project is self-contained; i.e., it can exist as a single semester course, or a one-time initiative that can be a pilot for future funding. The Candiotti Fund will not be able to fund projects with an ongoing annual budget.
  • Evidence of potential for improvement of the quality of instruction and/or the enhancement of student learning opportunities
  • Robustness of the assessment plan for the effectiveness of the project

It is expected that projects will be completed in the fall or spring semesters of the 2019-2020 academic year. Fund recipients will be expected to submit a project report and their completed assessment of the project to the Candiotti Fund committee, who will use the results to further improve future projects and for strategic planning.

Project ideas:

Implementing new technology in an existing course.

Designing a new course around an innovative technology.

Student affairs projects that improve the living/learning environment on campus.

Technology implementation for experiential learning experiences, or off-campus programs.

A pilot project designed to evaluate the viability of a specific technology in a widespread project, for which other funding would then be sought.

Other ideas as developed by applicants–please feel free to communicate with the Fund committee to explore the viability of a proposal.

Review the projects completed by previous grant recipients for more ideas. 

Timeline for 2019-2020 Applications

  • March 1st:  Application form opens
  • March 31st:  Proposals due
  • early April:  Recipients determined
  • 2019-20 Academic year:  Project is completed, report submitted to the committee
  • Spring 2020:  Presentation of project at CommonsCon 2020

Candiotti Fund Committee

Brianne Barker, Assistant Professor, Biology
Paul Coen, Senior Systems Architect, and Instructional Technology Consultant
Nicole Pinto-Creazzo, Senior Instructional Technologist
Muriel Placet-Kouassi, Assistant Professor, French
Steph Mazzarella, Program Coordinator, Student Activities


Please email or call any member of the Candiotti Fund Committee for more information.