Meet the Faculty.


Meet the Faculty

Wendy Kolmar

Professor of English; Director of Women’s and Gender Studies

Office:  Sitterly House 106 
Phone:  973-408-3632
Education:  A.B., Bryn Mawr College, 1972; Ph.D., Indiana University, 1992

Biography:  Wendy Kolmar is Professor of English and of  Women’s and Gender Studies. She teaches courses on feminist theory and the history of feminist thought, Victorian literature, women and literature, gothic and supernatural literature, film and literary criticism. She serves regularly as a consultant and reviewer for women’s and gender studies programs around the country and also served for many years on various governing bodies of the National Women’s Studies Association.  Her publications include Haunting the House of Fiction: Feminist Perspectives on Ghost Stories by American Women (with Lynette Carpenter ‑‑ 1991); Creating an Inclusive College Curriculum: A Teaching Source Book from the New Jersey Project (edited with Ellen G. Friedman, Charley B. Flint, and Paula Rothenberg — 1996); A Selected Annotated Bibliography of Ghost Stories by British and American Women Writers (with Lynette Carpenter –1998); Feminist Theory: A Reader ( with Fran Batkowski, now in its fourth edition.) and a special issue of Women’s Studies Quarterly, entitled Looking Across the Lens: Women’s  Studies and Film.
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 Affiliated Faculty

Instructor Department Contact
Di Bai Chinese x3427
Frances Bernstein History x3542
Marc Boglioli Anthropology x3363
Lisa Brenner Theatre Arts x3998
Jill Cermele Psychology x3849
Summer Harrison English/Environmental Studies x3217
Shakti Jaising English x3915
Melanie Johnson-DeBaufre Theological x3823
Rita Keane Art History x3331
Catherine Keller Theological x3268
Caitlin Killian Sociology x3183
Peggy Kuntz Art History x3796
Jinee Lokaneeta Political Science x3430
Rosemary McLaughlin Theatre Arts x3249
Jennifer Olmsted Economics x3417
Karen Pechilis Religious Studies x3124
Marie-Pascale Pieretti French x3506
Kim Rhodes Art History x3757
Raul Rosales Spanish x3751
Susan Rosenbloom Sociology x3335
Maliha Safri Economics x3202
Leslie Sprout Music x3950
Sharon Sundue History x3171
Jesse Todd Theological x3847
Traci West Theological x3082