Writing Resources for Students


Writing Resources for Students

Can’t meet with a Writing Fellow? Don’t have time  to make an appointment at the Writing Center? Missed your professors office hours? Never fear! Here are some resources to help you along in all stages of the writing process. Whether you’re trying to brainstorm an idea or wondering how to cite your sources below you can find some helpful links and documents.

Brainstorming and Planning

Flow Chart Template

Are your ideas all over the place? If you can’t quite figure out which quotes should go where or what your thesis is try using the flow chart template. By the time you finish filling out this worksheet you’ll have a solid plan for your entire essay!

Skeleton Outline Worksheet

This worksheet is similar to the Flow Chart Template, but slightly more detailed. Particularly if you’re having trouble with organization within your body paragraphs, try this out.

 They Say/I Say Outline Worksheet

This worksheet will help you sort out which sources fit within the different parts of your claim. If you’re having trouble incorporating sources or organizing your body paragraphs fill this out to organize your ideas and the sources that support them.


The Art of the Introduction Worksheet

The foundation to a good paper is a good introduction. A solidly written introduction provides the reader (and the writer!) a roadmap for the rest of the paper. Use the worksheet below to break down the parts of the introduction and get you on your way

Sources and Citations

Annotated Bibliography Worksheet

Whether you’ve been assigned an annotated bibliography or not, they can be helpful in evaluating your sources and figuring out how they fit in with your claim. This worksheet gives you a step by step guide on creating an annotated bibliography that links your sources directly to your claim

UNC Library Citation Information

If you’re having trouble citing your sources, take a look at this website. They have citation guides for just about every style as well as a citation builder that can come in pretty handy.

Purdue Online Writing Lab Citation Guide 

No doubt countless professors have directed you to the Purdue OWL citation website that has citation guides, writing guides, and even practice worksheets for honing your citation skills. Follow the link above!