What We Do.


What We Do

Creating Stronger Writers

At Drew, students strengthen their writing through a General Education writing sequence beginning in the first year with a writing enriched Drew Seminar and progressing through the four years in Writing Intensive courses and a Writing in the Major course or course sequence. This process is supported by small classes in a structured program where advanced courses build on the skills introduced in the first year sequence. All Drew Seminars and many Writing Intensive courses are also supposed by undergraduate course-embedded Writing Fellows. Students can review and reflect on their progress via writing they upload to their personal Writing ePortfolio.

Creating More Informed Writers

Students can also study writing and communication as a field through a track in the English Major. This program mixes advanced writing courses (writing for social media, nature writing, journalism, business writing), the study of written communication (history of rhetoric, nineteenth century rhetoric, gender and communications, theories of authorship, workplace communication, tutoring writing), with reading and analyzing literature to produce graduates who read deeply, write powerfully, and communicate effectively.

Students can also select creative writing as a track in the English major, combining the study of literature, poetry, drama, and film with creation of written texts in writing workshops.

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