Drew University Trans* Equality Policy Statement

Drew University celebrates and values the diversity and inclusivity of its students, faculty and staff, and is resolute in applying equitable treatment to all students and employees. Drew is committed to providing a learning and working environment for its community members that is free from discrimination and harassment.

In accordance with its values, and as required by federal and state law, Drew maintains policies and procedures designed to protect students, faculty and staff from discrimination and harassment. Drew recognizes gender identity and gender expression to be among the protected classes within Drew’s policies including, but not limited to, the Policy Against Discrimination and Harassment. Drew recognizes and values differences between an individual’s assigned gender and gender identity and gender expression, and prohibits discrimination against people on the grounds of one’s identity of Trans*, intersex, or any process of gender transition. For purposes of this Statement and all Drew policies, Trans* is an umbrella term that can be used to include people who identify as non-binary, gender non-conforming, gender expansive as well as transgender, transsexual, transman, transwoman and other identities not itemized.

Drew works collaboratively with the entire University community in furtherance of these principles, and encourages anyone experiencing any form of discrimination or harassment to submit a report via the University’s Bias Reporting Form or  contact the Title IX Coordinator or Director of Human Resources.

Additional resources for students, faculty and staff may be found on our LGBTQ+ Resources Page.