The Application Process

The application process for the New Jersey Governor’s School in the Sciences consists of three steps.

1. Fall of the junior year: The student must be nominated by his/her high school. This is typically handled by the school guidance office. Interested students should speak with their guidance counselor or science and math teachers to indicate interest. Each school is allowed a specific number of nominees based on the school’s population. If the high school’s junior class contains at most 325 students, only one student may be nominated for each Governor’s School program. If the high school’s junior class has between 326 and 650 students, two students may be nominated for each Governor’s School program. Three students may be nominated only if the junior class comprises more than 650 students.

2. Mid-November to mid-January: The applications of nominees are submitted to the NJ Governor’s School in the Sciences.

3. Mid-January to the end of March: Applications of candidates are reviewed by the Governor’s School in the Sciences using criteria including grades, number and level of science/math courses, demonstrated interest in science, and teacher recommendations. Final selections are based on these criterion with students from all over New Jersey. The number of scholars each year is determined by available facilities as well as the amount of funding. Candidates are notified of final decisions by email in early April.

The Application

Required Documents

To be eligible, each student must have the following completed:

    • Online student information form
    • Two hand-signed letters of recommendation, one from a science teacher and one from a math teacher. Provide these guidelines to teachers.
    • High School transcripts, emailed from the school directly to Here.
    • PSAT and SAT scores, emailed from the school directly to Here.
    • Print application packet, including
      • Printout of completed online student information form
      • Two single-page essays on topics described in the application

Tips for Completing the Printed Application

Here are some helpful rules to follow when filling in the NJGSS Application 2024 (please see the application for detailed information):

    • Application cover sheet (this is page 1 of your application packet):
      • Print your name, email address, and school name clearly.
      • Complete and submit the online student information form, as per the instructions provided on the application cover sheet.  
      • After submitting the form, you will receive a confirmation email. Print all the data that you entered and attach the application cover sheet.
    • Awards and activities:
      • When listing science and math awards and extracurricular activities, attach additional pages if needed.
      • For each extracurricular activity—including school, community and work—give a general idea of how much time you spend each week in that activity. If you are a member of a club, indicate the extent to which you participate, including all responsibilities and any offices you hold. If you do volunteer work, include how many hours you spend and what kind of training you needed to be able to do this work. If you have a job, explain what you do and how many hours you work each week.
      • Be complete. If you don’t mention an activity, the reader will not know about it.
    • Teacher recommendation letters: Be sure that you ask science and math teachers who know you well to write your recommendation letters. Please see the guidelines for teacher recommendation letters for important information. Letters from teachers of other subjects will not be considered.

Please read the entire application packet carefully and follow all instructions provided. Applications that are incomplete or do not meet deadlines will not be considered.