Please note, these exams are not required for all students, please read all descriptions below prior to taking an exam!

Placement Exams

Language Placement Exams

Language Placement Exams

What is Drew’s Language Requirement? 

At Drew, all students are required to demonstrate proficiency through the intermediate level in one foreign language. Proficiency may be demonstrated by any one of the following ways:

  • Their Drew application requires them to submit a TOEFL score;
  • By providing documentation to the Center for Academic Excellence that they attended school in a language other than English at least through the 6th grade;
  • By demonstrating proficiency equal to Drew’s language requirement on a Drew language placement test (see below);
  • By demonstrating proficiency equal to Drew’s language requirement on a placement test administered through the Center for Academic Excellence in a language not offered at Drew*;
  • By scoring 680 or higher on an appropriate SAT II exam;
  • By scoring a 4 or 5 on an appropriate Advanced Placement (AP) exam;
  • By scoring a 5 or higher in an appropriate IB language course (SL or HL);
  • By language courses taken at Drew or transferred from an accredited institution.

Fulfilling your Language Requirement at Drew

Students who have no prior experience with the language of their choice or would like to begin that language at the introductory level should register for the 101 course and will need to complete three semesters to fulfill Drew’s language requirement. It is highly recommended that these three semesters be completed consecutively.

Students who have prior experience with the language of their choice and wish to start beyond the introductory level (e.g., have studied the language before or speak it at home) should take a placement examination in that language.

Placement Exams for French, Italian, German, Latin, and Spanish are online exams that can be completed from anywhere, prior to your advising appointment and registration.

Please note that you should not have any outside help during the test and notes, dictionaries, grammar books, spell checkers, and translation tools are not permitted. The purpose of the exam is to assess students’ proficiency so that they can begin at the appropriate level to successfully learn a language.

IMPORTANT: Any student who places beyond the intermediate level (201) of a language will have a follow up evaluation with the director of the language program before registering or during the August Orientation to make sure they received the correct assessment.

Biology Placement Exam

Biology – Biol 150 Lecture Exemption Test:  Students who intend to major in a field for which BIOL 150 is required (biology, biochemistry and molecular biology, environmental science, or environmental studies and sustainability) may elect to take a test for exemption from the lecture portion of Biol 150 only if they have

  1. Taken the AP Biology test and earned a 4 or 5 OR
  2. Taken IB Biology SL and earned a 5 or higher.

Note that IB Biology HL students with a score of 5 or higher will automatically receive credit for Biol 150 and should select another course during registration.

The exemption exam will be administered in August to eligible students.  Students interested in the exemption test should contact Dr. Tammy Windfelder at twindfel@drew.edu with the subject line “Biol 150 exemption test” after receiving their qualifying scores.  In the meantime, they will register for Biol 150 and Biol 150L to reserve a spot in those classes.

Chemistry Placement Exam

Chemistry –  Students considering a major in Biology, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Chemistry, or Neuroscience, and any student considering Pre-Medicine or Pre-Health should take Principles of Chemistry I (CHEM 150/151) in the fall of their first year and must complete this placement exercise. Students interested in Environmental Science may also consider taking this course in their first year.

All students planning to take Principles of Chemistry I this fall must complete the online Chemistry Placement Exercise before your fall course schedule can be finalized. We use the results to determine the class that will best help students achieve their goals. Students best suited for CHEM 151 who elect to take CHEM 150 may find themselves bored spending time repeating concepts they have mastered and develop habits that will hinder success in later classes. Additionally we use the results from the placement exercise to ensure we are providing students with the proper support for them to succeed.

The process is easy and can be completed at home. It will take approximately 45 minutes.  You will need:

  • Your Drew email and password (to login)
  • A calculator
  • Pencil and scrap paper

To begin:

  • Click here
  • You then need to login by clicking the “Continue” button at the bottom of the page
  • After logging in, click [Enroll me]

If you have any questions, please email either Dr. Mary-Ann Pearsall (mpearsal@drew.edu) or Dr. Adam Cassano (acassano@drew.edu). We look forward to meeting you in Fall!

Math Placement Exam

Placement exam for MATH 150 – Calculus and Analytic Geometry I

  • Math – There are two possible first semester calculus courses for students at Drew, MATH 150 and MATH 200.  Below are the course descriptions and the intended audiences.  Following that is the placement test information for incoming students.
    • MATH 150 Calculus and Analytic Geometry
      1. Description: Functions, limits, continuity, and differentiation and its applications; introduction to integration including definite and indefinite integrals and the fundamental theorem of calculus; analysis of graphical and numerical information. Prerequisite: MATH 100 Precalculus or equivalent from an accredited college or placement test.
      2. Audience: Students who expect to take more than one semester of calculus, including those who intend to major in mathematics, physics, or chemistry.
    • MATH 200 Topics in Single and Multivariable Calculus
      1. Description:  The course provides an overview of the fundamentals of single and multivariable calculus.  Topics will include limits, continuity, differentiation, integration, geometric and Taylor series, and applications from both single and multi-variable contexts. Prerequisite: MATH 100 Precalculus or equivalent from an accredited college or placement test.
      2. Audience:  Students who expect to take only one semester of calculus, including those who intend to major or minor in business, economics, health professions, statistics, or data science.
    • Instructions for Math Placement Test:
      1. Students who submitted their deposit by May 15, 2023 are automatically registered and can take the Calculus placement exam on or after May 18, 2023. If you deposited by May 15 and need to take the placement exam, click here to find the directions for the exam.
      2. If you deposited after May 15, 2023, and need to take the Calculus placement exam, use this link to register for the exam.You must be logged in to your Drew Google account to view the form.


  • If you have any questions, please email macs@drew.edu.  We look forward to meeting you in Fall!