TREC Ambassadors

Check out our TREC Ambassador bios below to learn about their TREC experiences.  Each ambassador is available via email to set up a time to connect and answer any questions.

Caira's Bio

Biology and Spanish Majors

My experiences during my time abroad have left me with a heightened sense of independence, increased self-confidence, and a more robust global perspective. My one-month stay in Spain served as a pivotal step toward achieving my ultimate goal of fluency in the Spanish language. Additionally, it enriched my understanding of Spanish cultural history through the study of various primary sources in the city of Barcelona. The highlight of my journey was the cultural courses I participated in, where we delved into the architectural, economic, and social underpinnings that contribute to the diverse cultural tapestry of Barcelona. I will also not forget the connections I made with my fellow classmates, my professors in Barcelona, and my host family. Thank you Drew’s Center for Global Education!

Victoria's Bio

Studio Art Major; Teaching and Italian Minors

My time away in South Africa was a life changing experience. I learned about how the healthcare system works in South Africa by delving into HIV treatment plans and research presentations, visiting hospitals and healthcare facilities, and exploring museums and cultural sites. I also experienced cultural excursions, such as Table Mountain, Cape of Good Hope, a safari trip, and more! Even if you are not a STEM major, this trip opens your eyes to how different countries’ healthcare systems function while also letting you immerse yourself in a new culture and learn new things. It also allowed me to make new friends and step outside of my comfort zone! South Africa is an experience I will forever remember and cherish!

Sarah's Bio

English Major: Creative Writing, BMAT Program

One of my favorite parts of the London Semester was the opportunity to do an internship abroad. I got to work as a teacher’s assistant in a primary school and it was such an awesome experience. I worked with a Year 3 class and, on top of having such a fun time working with the kids and the teachers at the school, I felt really grateful to get experience in a field I intend to go into post-graduation. I also loved just getting to explore the city. London is such a big city with so much history and so much to see, I felt really lucky to make some great new friends through the program and explore London with them.

Linwood's Bio

Studio Art Major; Film Minor

Two takeaways from studying in Tokyo, Japan were the friends I made while there and the overall experience I had. I realized that I love Japan and believe I want to live there one day. The highlight of the trip was when a couple of friends and I went to Kyoto for a weekend. We saw a Shinto castle and a Zen Buddhist temple.

Margaux's Bio

Marketing Major

I always knew I wanted to study abroad and when I found out about the marketing of food and wine semester in Italy, I knew this was the right program for me! I was able to immerse myself in Italian culture and live like a local. I loved getting lost in the streets of Siena and exploring new places every day. The program-related field trips to wineries, cheese and pasta factories, coffee farms, and neighboring medieval towns, were a great way to learn outside the classroom. Discovering how Italian businesses market their products is helping me excel in my classes at Drew this semester. They say you will have epic experiences when studying at Drew and studying abroad was certainly one for me!

Chalotte's Bio

Art History and Italian Studies Major; Museum Studies Minor

On all my TRECs, my biggest takeaway was to keep an open mind. By doing things outside of my comfort zone (like, an accidental 5-mile hike in Siena) I was able to experience so many amazing things I would not have expected. This goes for languages too: do not be afraid to make mistakes, because the connections we make are lifelong!

Siena and Orvieto Highlights
Speaking Italian with native speakers; excursions like visiting a parmigiano reggiano factory, tasting 150 year old balsamic vinegar, and visiting the Perugina chocolate factory; trying region-specific foods like wild boar and truffles

Museums and Cultural Management Highlights
Really learning how to navigate NYC like a local, and having really unique learning opportunities like visiting the Ratti Textile preservation center at the Met, and seeing the bio lab at the Museum of Natural History.

Andzani's Bio

Physics and Environmental Science Majors

I loved how our activities were a creative look at environmental psychology (such as street photography and interviewing locals) but not limited to just that. We also snorkeled the Great Barrier Reef, explored the Daintree Forest by starlight, and chilled with kangaroos! It was great that you did not have to be a Psychology Major to participate. Although focused on STEM, I recognize the necessity to incorporate psychology and other fields. As an aspiring environmental engineer I saw the potential of this TREC to provide insight into my future career.

I would highly recommend joining a TREC program and would advise anyone to take advantage of the scholarships and not be afraid to ask questions.

Natalia's Bio

Political Science Major; Data Science and Sociology Minors

The European Union Semester with IES Abroad was an enlightening and worthwhile opportunity. The program connected us with experienced professionals in their field and provided amazing occasions in which we met with staff within European Union institutions as well as non-profits that focused on EU topics. The program hosted a range of students from around the globe, some of which I remain regularly connected to and meet with. I had the chance to travel to multiple countries with the program outside of Germany, making every day an adventure and an opportunity to challenge yourself to new opportunities. Germany is a fantastic country that made me realize that I could make a home out of something I am not accustomed to. I am grateful that Drew connected me with IES Abroad and that I got to partake in an experience that is truly life-changing.

Sam's Bio

Psychology Major; Neuroscience Minor

All around I think the entire trip was just amazing, especially with having Professor Cousens as our leader. My highlights had to have either been surfing in Bondi Beach and seeing whales breaching in the distance or snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef with classmates. Something I took away from the program was that no matter where you come from everyone is accepted anywhere in Australia, there is a sense of belonging.