About Policies

The main objective in centralizing policies is to provide immediate access to comprehensive policies and related documents, so that all faculty, staff, and students are able to find and follow the guidelines and procedures that govern University activities. 

The University seeks to continuously improve the tools and processes used throughout the life cycle of each policy by implementing the following:

  • requiring the use of a consistent format for all policies (See Policy Template below);
  • review of each policy based on the recommended review date in order to remain consistent with current practice and regulations;
  • mandating the recording of the policy’s history, indicating all policy revisions throughout the life cycle of the policy;
  • adhering to the proper archiving of all repealed policies; and
  • by encouraging policy owners and responsible offices to follow the recommended policy development process for all newly developed policies and for policies undergoing substantive changes.


University Policy meets all of the following criteria:

  • It has broad application throughout the University;
  • It helps ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations, promotes operational efficiencies, enhances the University’s mission, or reduces institutional risks; and
  •  It mandates actions or constraints, contains specific procedures for compliance, articulates desired outcomes and outlines potential consequences for violations.

University policies scheduled for review in July 2021 have been given a one-year extension as a result of the extraordinary work needed to respond to the pandemic.

If you are aware of any policies that should be included on this site, please contact the Special Assistant to the President for University Policy at policies@drew.edu or (973) 408-3976.