Registration Overrides

Registration Override allows the primary Instructor to give a student permission to take their class.  This needs to be done before the student attempts to register.  If a student is encountering a registration error or it is during the second week to add for a term, when instructor approval is required, a student cannot register for the class without the appropriate override.

Providing an override DOES NOT >automatically register the student. Please be sure the student is aware an override is entered so they may register accordingly. Additionally, if you have provided an override into a class for a student on a waitlist, the student must drop themselves from the waitlist before they will be able to register for the class with the override.

Registration Errors and the Override Codes

For a full list of all registration errors a student may encounter (including those that do not require overrides) and the messaging to the students, click here, and then scroll down to and open the tab entitled “Registration Error Messages and What To Do.”

Error Message Description Override Code
ADD PERMISSION IN 2ND WEEK A student is attempting to register during the second week of add/drop and requires approval. Add Permission 2nd Week
COHORT RESTRICTION A student is not in the specified cohort required for registration. Cohort
COREQUISITE (CRN #) REQUIRED The student has not registered for the corequisite class. Provide the override code if you want to allow the student into the class without the corequisite. Corequisite
DUPLICATE COURSE WITH SECTION # The student is already registered for the class. If they are taking multiple version of the same course (like a topics course), they will require the override code. Duplicate Class
FIELD OF STUDY/MAJOR/PROGRAM/DEGREE/DEPARTMENT RESTRICTION The class is restricted to students in a specific program, major, or degree. If they do not meet the restriction, they will require the override code. Program: Program
Major: Field of Study
Degree: Field of Study
Department: Field of Study
Field of Study: Field of Study
“Requires Instructor Signature”
“Instructor’s Approval Required”
This class requires the instructor’s approval/signature to register. Signature Granted (Instructor)

The student is attempting to register for a class that is restricted to a particular level. For example, an undergraduate student who has tried to register for a graduate course.

*The level override only works if the student’s level is attached to the course. If you provide the level override and the student still cannot register, direct the student to complete the “Invalid Level for Course” Registration Request form on the Student Information & Forms webpage.

MUTUALEXCLUSION WITH # Department identified the course as having similar content to a course in which the student has already received credit. Mutual Exclusion
PREREQUISITE AND TEST SCORE ERROR The student is attempting to register for a class with a required prerequisite course or test score that they do not have on record. Provide the override code if you want to allow the student into the class without the prerequisite. Prerequisite or Test Score
REPEAT COUNT EXCEEDS # The student has already taken the class and the course is not listed as repeatable. If you want to allow them to register for it again, provide the override code.

Repeat Class*

For repeating a class without grade forgiveness.

REPEAT HOURS EXCEEDS # The student is attempting to register for a class they have already taken and have maxed out the allotted number of attempts allowed to repeat. To allow them to register for it again, they will need the override code.

Repeat Class*

For repeating a class without grade forgiveness.

STUDENT ATTRIBUTE RESTRICTION The student does not have the specific attribute on their record required for registration. Student Attribute
or any other error message that references Reserved Seats
This class has reserved seats. Even though there is space in the class, those seats are reserved and are not available for general registration. If you want to over-enroll the class with reserved seats, provide the override code. Class Cap & Waitlist



The class is full and the student needs to go on the waitlist. If you would like to allow the student into the class without going on the waitlist, provide the override code. Class Cap & Waitlist
TIME CONFLICT WITH CRN # The student is registered for a class that is scheduled at the same time as the one they are attempting to register. To allow the student to register for overlapping classes, provide the override code. Time Conflict
YOUR CLASS STANDING DOES NOT PERMIT YOU TO REGISTER FOR THIS COURSE. The class is restricted to a certain class type (sophomore, junior, etc.). To allow a student who is not in that class type to register, provide the override code. Class Standing: 1A/1B/SH/JR/SR
How to Enter an Override

Click here to watch a video on how to enter an override.  

1. Login totreehouse.drew.edu
2. Select the  “Instructor Approval/Registration Overrides” link from the “Faculty Tools” box under the “Faculty” tab.

3. Select a term and click “Submit.”

4. Search for the student either by entering the Drew ID of the student OR entering all or part of their first and/or last name.

  • Use a % for partial searches.

5. Select the correct student from the list (if you used the first/last name to search) or confirm the student if you entered the Drew ID and click “Submit.”

6. Select the appropriate override from the drop-down list and then the corresponding course. You can submit multiple overrides for the same class in one request.

  • If the student has any other overrides for the current term, you would be able to view them below the “Submit” button.

7. Once you have entered all of the necessary overrides, click “Submit.”

8. Review your submission and click “Submit” again.

9. You will see a confirmation message that the override(s) saved successfully above the “Registration Overrides” box and will be able to view your recently submitted override(s) under the “Submit” button. At this point you are done and the student should be able to register as long as they do not have any other registration errors for the specified class.

Chair/Program Director Access to Registration Overrides

Chairs and program directors have access to enter overrides for any student. Chairs and program directors should ensure they are only entering overrides for classes in their departments.

  • If a student needs an override in a different department, the student should contact the instructor of the course first, then if needed, the chair or program director.

Download the instructions: Registration Overrides in Banner – Chairs/Program Directors

Students are able to view entered overrides by following the instructions found here.