Declaration or Change of Major and Minor – College of Liberal Arts (CLA) Student Instructions


Follow Steps 1-4 below under the following circumstances:

  • If you want to change your degree from BA to BS or BS to BA
  • If the major or minor you want to declare is not available at the above link
  • If you want to change the catalog year of your major or minor
  • If you want to drop a concentration

Step 1: Confirm your current degree in TreeHouse under the Student  tab in the  Academic Profile box.

Step 2: Submit  CLA Degree/Catalog Change Request  with your student information and the major or minor you are attempting to request.

Step 3: Wait for the confirmation email from the Office of the Registrar that your record has been updated.

Step 4: Submit the major or minor request by clicking the link highlighted in yellow at the top of this page.

Declare or Change Major/Minor Submission Instructions
  • Open the Declare or Change Major/Minor form.
  • The workflow will display your current Major(s) and Minor(s).
  • Under the appropriate heading for the change you want to make (Major Add/Drop or Minor Add/Drop) select an action (Add or Drop) from the “Action” drop-down and select the major/minor from the “Discipline” drop-down and click the ‘Submit” button.

  • You will receive a confirmation message that “Your request to [Action, Add or Drop] [Discipline] as your [Major or Minor] has been submitted.”  Please see an example below:

  • The request will be routed to the appropriate Department Chair for review.
  • You will receive an automated email from regist@drew.edu stating that your request has either been Approved or Rejected once the Department Chair submits a decision.