User Services is responsible for providing phone service and voicemail service for the University.

Most faculty and staff offices have a phone jack and Drew-provided telephone (in the case of a move or new hire, as long as one was requested). More information about using the phone in your office can be found at Using Your Drew Phone or Phone Line.

Choose the relevant item below for additional information, troubleshooting steps, and options to file requests.

Voice Services Requests or Phone Trouble Reports
If you are making a request for a new hire, please fill out the New Hire Technology Needs questionnaire.

To request NEW voice services, request CHANGES to an existing service, or report phone services that have recently stopped working properly, please contact the Service Center at 973-408-4357 (HELP) or email the information to helpdesk@drew.edu.

****If a phone or jack ceases to function due to improper use (e.g. the equipment was dropped or spilled on), you (or your department) will be charged for the cost of repairs.****

Conference Calling

Any Drew employee can initiate a conference call from their phone by using the conference button. This is the best option to use when all participants are on-campus (unless you want to use Zoom).

Check out Using Your Drew Phone or Phone Line for instructions on how to use this feature. Because it can be difficult to use, we don’t recommend this option for a call with more than 3 total participants. For larger conference calls, try a hosted conferencing service or Zoom.

Hosted Conference Calling Service

At this point in time, most people are comfortable using Zoom to host conference calls – with or without the video component. Learn more about Zoom at Drew here. A hosted conferencing service provides you with an access number and a PIN. You must provide the access number and PIN to all participants, and then they use that information to sign into the conference at the appropriate time. Because most people are more comfortable using Zoom, we do not currently have any recommendations on a hosted conference calling service.

Speakerphone Rental

In some cases you may want to arrange a phone meeting on campus with several people in one room. In such cases, it can be useful to rent a teleconference/speakerphone unit specially designed for this purpose. Please keep in mind that more and more people expect and are accustomed to using Zoom, so a speakerphone may not be the best choice for your meeting.

To rent a speakerphone, contact the Media Resource Center at 973-408-3342. Keep in mind that only a few rooms on campus are equipped for speakerphone use (rooms in Mead and EC 109 and 145), so if you want to use a speakerphone you should talk to the Media Resource Center before you book a room for the event.

Faculty and staff have access to a voice mailbox. Residents living in doubles or triples will generally have to share a voice mailbox with their roommates.

Faculty and staff can request a new voice mailbox, or changes to an existing voice mailbox, by filling out the Voice Services Request Form above.

For more information about using your voicemail (setting it up initially, setting and changing your greeting, call forwarding, etc), please see the Voicemail page in U-KNOW.